Sugar The Real villain for Fat Gain

Do you know the Human body can only bear up to only 5g of sugar, Which is 1 Teaspoon. But an average person roughly eats more sugar in a day than they should in a year.

Dr.Robert Lusting Research has proved that on average every human gains 0.5 kg fat every year this has been consistent for the last 25 years which is 12.5kg in total weight gain just by FAT which is unnecessary weight gain. Are you one of them? Maybe! Can you not be in it? Yes Definitely!

We are going to discuss the most Addictive, Dangerous, Widely consumed substance in our Diet, which also plays a prime role in Obesity and doesn’t have any nutritional benefits!

We will proceed step by step so it’s easy for everyone to understand the message I want to convey. We will Look at the below pointers.

  1. Effect of Sugar on Brain
  2. Excess calories coming from sugar
  3. Different types of Sugar
  4. Conclusion
  1. Effect of Sugar on Brain

Evidence is clear that sugar is as rewarding as any other illegal drug. Sugar causes secretion of serotonin which spikes Dopamine and Endorphins (Feel Good Hormone), a study has shown this gets transported to our brain which gives us the immense pleasure of satisfaction.

That’s why we always get attracted towards sugary products. Sugar has become part of our every emotion and the cake cutting trend doesn’t seem to be stopped any time soon, If only we knew that we are cutting our lifespan every time we cut the cake. We have been introduced to sugar from an early age. The majority of kid’s food is loaded with sugar. Easy access to sugar has hard-wired us to eat sugar , And we can’t resist it.

Parents try to bribe their kids with sugar candy and chocolates ,well this actually works. Kids are satisfied and happy now! Have you ever wondered why it’s so? Because of the Dopamine hit

Research done on rats shown, As time goes on your sensitivity to dopamine decreases, causing your brain to need more to feel the same amount of pleasure. This is what causes cravings to sugar.

Didn’t you notice a gradual requirement of sugar in your coffee/tea?
1tsp of sugar is not sweet anymore, you need one extra to satisfy your taste buds. That’s because we develop sugar tolerance over the period of time

That’s because recent study has shown sugar taste buds are all over our mouth from the tip of our tongue, to the back of the tongue, hard palate, soft palate, down in esophagus, into the stomach, to the pancreas, unlike other taste buds, that’s what makes sugar so addictive.

So now that we know when consumed sugar signals are sent to your brain activates the reward system. This reward system is a series of chemical pathways across several different regions of the brain; Well it’s a complicated network that is out of my expertise to understand, But it does help answer one simple subconscious question;
Should I do it again?

Answer is YES in majority cases!

2. Excess calories coming from sugar

Sugar consumption per person has approximately increased by 70kg today than that of 1850. Well, this number may be exaggerated but we can’t ignore the fact that every obese person is either sugar addictive or having meal loaded with carbs.

This may sound a little complicated but bear with it. We are going to discuss how Sugar is metabolized in our body, What happens when we eat sugar and how it is converted to fat. This will be very informative and help you make concrete discussions to say NO to sugar.

Sugar is 50% Glucose and 50% Fructose, Glucose is converted to Glycogen stored in liver and muscle for energy production, Basically some amount of sugar is used for energy which is a good thing. Everything is fine till now. But the liver and muscle storage tank capacity is very limited they only store a limited amount of Glucose (Sugar)

But what about the remaining Sugar?

Liver and Muscle cells doors are locked by now so the excess Glucose (Sugar) goes into FAT cells another fancy name for this is Triglycerides Which has abundant space to store Glucose (Sugar) so as the result these FAT cells start to expand further hence Potbelly and double chin are visible.

Insulin is the hormone that manages the sugar in blood excess sugar demands excess insulin secretion. If your body has elevated levels of insulin it doesn’t allow Leptin (Satiety Hormone) to reach your brain. This means your brain can’t recollect you’re full and you don’t need any more food.

So you continue eating because you’ve eaten Sugar your dopamine and insulin levels are skyrocket now to continue this pleasure of addiction you’ll binge on Sugary foods this the reason why you can’t stop with one slice of cake or a single piece of french fries or one spoon of ice cream and one sip of soft drink.

Sugar (Glucose) also works as an anti-nutrient, this is one of the harmful effects of sugar. Sugar binds with Protein Molecules which downregulates the protein ability to do its Job of cells repair and development.

If you are a gym going individual and consume Sugar (Glucose) then you will see a delay in muscle development because most of the protein you consumed will bind with sugar and turned it to FAT store, Which is not you’re having protein for. When there is elevated Insulin most of what you eat will be turned in to Fat.

Are we elevating insulin often with our current lifestyle?

2 out of every 3 people have hyperinsulinemia, an elevated amount of Insulin which causes Insulin Resistance where your cells can’t respond to insulin for which your body has to produce more amount of Insulin and like we have discussed elevated insulin means stress on the body and unnecessary weight gain.

All fast food company use the same recipe of Sugar (Glucose) , Fat and salt combination of these three makes food addictive and rewarding. Donut, Pizza, Burger, Fries, Rolls, Aerated drinks, Dessert, Candy you name it everything has sugar in it. If you want to make anything tasty add sugar and fat to it.

Well, Food Industry has cracked this recipe long ago and they keep improvising their recipes making addictive food super addictive.

3. Different types of Sugar

Sugar gets converted into Glucose, when you consume sugar our body doesn’t recognise sugar it recognises Glucose like we discussed, Glucose is converted to fat and stored in our fat cells but what are the foods that get converted to Glucose?

Most of the Indian food is loaded with Glucose and lack of first class protein.

Carbohydrates are also converted to Glucose. Carbs heavy meal that you eat gets converted to Glucose just like pure white sugar and they too spike your insulin high and are addictive in nature just like pure white sugar.

If I had to mention some of commonly consumed carbs/Sugary foods:
Rice, Dal, Roti, Gluten Products, Rajma, Soyabean, Honey, Brown Sugar, All Colors Bread, Oats, Biscuits, Fruits, Complexed Carbs, and Simple Carbs. Including all products in the market that come under the SUGAR-FREE category. This is their marketing gimmick.

All the mentioned food items are converted to Glucose/Sugar by our body. The conversion of Carbohydrates to Glucose is dependent on the Glycemic index (GI) of the food. Higher the Glycemic index faster it will be converted to Glucose and spike insulin.

Irrelevant of Glycemic Index (GI) all carbs spike insulin simple and complex both. Complex carbs are said to have a slowly absorbable form of Glucose which give sustainable energy because of fiber that opposes the insulin spike. Studies have shown that Complex carbs causes bloating and inflammation.

Yes, that’s right, the Food Industry uses 77 sugar names to market their product as heart-healthy and sugar-free. In my opinion, the only Alternative for sweet is Stevia, There are some cool recipes made from stevia, You can check it out.


Our body can hold only 5g of sugar which is 1tsp but we are having an excess amount of sugar in one day which is to consume in a Year.

Sugar causes secretion of serotonin which spikes Dopamine and Endorphins which makes sugar an Addictive substance which hijacks your neuro system.

Kids’ food products are loaded with sugar which is Dangerous to them.

How sugar is converted to FAT and How sugar kills protein.

Hidden sugar; that are dangerous as white sugar and 77 Different names for sugar.

Quitting sugar is a very significant step to take for a better lifestyle and it’s not that hard I know many people who have gone completely off sugar including myself. It’s just that one needs to be well educated about the drawbacks of sugar. Knowledge brings persistence!

Hope this blog was informative and helpful for your fitness journey. Have you quit sugar yet?
If yes then how does it feel to live zero sugar life?
Are you planning to quit sugar?

Please write your experience in the comment section about sugar so maximum people get motivated to quit sugar.

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