Why Vegetable Oils are Dangerous

Why Vegetable Oils are Dangerous

What was garbage in 1860, Fertilizer in 1870, Cattle feed in 1880, slowly made its way in our kitchen by 1890, What you are about to read is the Vegetable oil’s journey from Garbage into our Kitchen.

And now they are present almost everywhere in Fast food, Chips, Donuts, Dessert and list doesn’t stop here they are also used in making “Healthy Protein Bars, Healthy Biscuits, Healthy Snacks and everything that is on the shelf which is nicely packaged and smartly advertised.

Before Vegetable oil even came into existence during 1890, India preferred using Ghee, Butter, and coconut oil as a cooking medium, Tallow, Lard and Butter were used in the western countries and Heart Diseases were fairly non-existable. But wait weren’t we told that these options Cause heart disease?Raise Cholesterol level?

Then how our previous generation had a very lower heart disease related mortality rate compared to our Generation who have eliminated these options and predominantly shifted to heart-healthy “VEGETABLE OILS”?

Today will discuss food politics and how wealthy food companies and powerful corrupted people manipulated studies, defamed Animal Fats, Promoted Vegetable oils and changed the Nutritional guidelines in their own personal interests.

We don’t eat what’s healthy, we eat what they sell us, what’s profitable for them. This world is a lab test and we are the rats on which they test their cheap and easily manufactured products Which gives them higher ROI.

Whatever written in this blog is a true story, I’ll share a reference link wherever needed, you can check it, do your own research and take the matter in your hands.

Topic To Discuss

  1. History Of Vegetable oils
  2. First Edible Seed oil – Crisco
  3. Chemical Process of making Oil from Seeds
  4. Dirty Politics to Promote Seed Oil

History Of Vegetable oils

Firstly these oils are not made by vegetables they are made by seeds, this is marketed as Vegetable oils to make it sound like a healthy product and safer for Human consumption. This means that vegetable oils are actually made from seeds, not vegetables. Below are some common ones:

Soybean (the most common in diets)
Palm Oil

American Heart Association (AHA) and other health organizations approve them as heart healthy where the fact is that these are the main culprits for all heart issues.

How did the food that was Garbage 20 Years ago suddenly become edible for human consumption, Heart-healthy in 50 years, and now has dominated the food market and is almost present in every food item?

This will blow your mind and put you in complete shock like I had when I first introduced to reality, so let’s Debunk the myth of heart-healthy SEED OILS

Birth of Seed oils

Industry revolution brought rise in Machinery, this machinery needed oils to run. At first whale oil was used as a lubricant to run the machines, But as the factory production rose whale oil failed to reach the demands. Factory owners were in hunt of another fuel source which was cheap and easy to manufacture that’s when COTTON SEED OIL were established in the market.

It made sense to use cottonseed for oil production because cotton demand was increasing every year and it came along with seeds that were nothing but a waste product, Now the scrap is finally put to use they found a way to squeeze oils from these seeds and use them as “Oil Lubricant” for machinery.

However, later fossil fuel was discovered which was cheap and required lesser time to produce, and slowly cottonseed oil lost its standards in the machinery market.

Procter and Gamble (P&G) known for making soaps back then used the newly invented “Hydrogenated” process and found the way out to use seed oils to their advantage for making soaps because using seed oil rather than coconut and palm oil was cheaper.

First edible Seed oils

Soap made from these seed oils could resemble the ones made with lard and can be used as a substitute to lard. That’s when they got this million-dollar idea of using seed oils to create lard looking substance which can be sold as a cooking medium.

This is when CRISCO the first seed oil was born.

They vigorously marketed their campaign where women don’t have to put the efforts to churn the butter, Libration of animals which were no longer necessary for oils and since we humans look for easy access of everything we quickly accepted the fact that we don’t need to do the hard work even though we have to pay the price later.

Another marketing strategy was a cookbook which they published all over the places where “CRISCO” was the base oil for all recipes.

By now it was clear to everyone that this cool new product on the block is cheaper than butter and as elegant looking as butter. Meanwhile, Margarine is an exact replica of butter but made from seed oils.

Pactor and Gamble (P&G) become rich by using waste seed oils as a replacement of butter and lard. They wanted to generate even more revenue so they started to experiment on “SOYA BEAN” to make cooking oils because soya bean was cheaper and can be easily produced than that of seed oils.

Margarine and Crisco seed oils soon dominated the market and replaced heart-healthy saturated fat with highly processed highly unstable polyunsaturated fats. Which is not meant for human consumption.

Chemical Process of making Oils from Seeds

For some of you who are now thinking how did this manufacturing process happen, How do they extract oil from seeds?

Seed oils are first gathered and then heated to extremely high temperature potentially leading to high oxidation, oxidative foods are very problematic for your health.

They are then processed by solvent like hexane, a chemical made from crude oil which then moves further and “Deodorize” yes! right they add fragrance to oil to get rid of inherent rancid smells.

Then more chemicals are added to give clear oil color and make it look edible although they are not!

Picture of waste mud looking substance that comes out when oil is extracted from seeds.

Dirty Politics to Promote Seed Oils

Everything from here is my research. I ask you to do your own study and don’t trust me blindly. I’ll link credible sources to every statement I make and request you to check on them and form your own concrete decision and not get influenced by conventional wisdom.

The American Heart Association (AHA) was launched in 1924 this organization was fairly irrelevant because heart disease was very rare till 1920. Cardiologist Dr. Weiss has given the clear picture about how people were healthy back then when they consumed saturated fats and how we got sicker and sicker generation by generation when we shift from saturated fats to polyunsaturated fats Watch it here

P&G bribed AHA with a heavy amount back then to promote Crisco as a healthy oil alternative to that of saturated animal fats in 1948. Seems like a large investment paid off well.

Ancel Keys an American Physiologist was turned out to be a million-dollar guy for seed oils company, he went on to demonized saturated fats with his biased diet hypothesis in 1958

His famous 7 countries study found out the correlation between animal fats & heart disease but he eliminated the other countries who couldn’t fit his hypothesis. This cherry-picking research data doesn’t seem to be scientific at all.

In 1961 American Heart Association (AHA) published their first official dietary guideline to reduce now portrayed bad fat (Saturated Fats) and increased intake of highly processed, artificially made Polyunsaturated fats (Found in Seed oils)

Seems like the new dietary guideline is not working because the heart disease rate skyrocketed ever after. Cheap heavily processed foods which are marketed as heart-healthy and their consumption continued to rise with heart attacks number.

Choosing oils for cooking: A host of heart-healthy options ...
And Public perception of saturated fat has continued to stay negative.

The irony is people in “Malaysia & Philippine” continued to have coconut oil and heart disease was still non-existable.

Phil Sokolov American Multi-millionaire businessman aggressively campaigned against saturated fat because clearly he had invested hell lot of money in “Seed oils”

First, he contacted food conglomerates to tag Seed oils as healthy and when they did not respond he gave them a hit treat, He was single handedly responsible for switching Mcdonalds from tallow (Animal fat) to seed oils.

He also pushed other fast-food companies from saturated fats (Animal Fats) to polyunsaturated fats (Seed oils).

McDonald's Broke My Heart with Malcolm Gladwell | S2/E9 ...

From drinking full-fat milk to skim low-fat milk and asking everyone to reduce overall consumption of fats. He later died from heart failure. He wanted to save the world from heart failure, and unfortunately, died with the same diseases.

Wonder how many people suffered from the same fate due to these manipulated, corrupted guidelines.

Nutrition guidelines are purely based on profits and not public health.

All Restaurants and fast food chains use these seed oils to cook and we are in constant contact with them. American Heart Association (AHA) still asks us to eat these oils, when is this business crime is going to end?

The only way to do so is to self educate yourself about knowing what foods are bad for you and watching what you eat. Don’t buy any packaged food, Read labels.

The best oil to cook food is Ghee and Butter (Saturated Fats) These fats don’t have to be processed to take oils form, They are costly but not more than your health!

In the next blog I’ll discuss the health benefits of Ghee, Butter, and coconut oils and consequences of seed oils like Canola, Sunflower, Soya, etc.


Seed oils were originated to use as machinery lubricants, Later Procter and gamble (P&G) implemented the hydrogenated process, created a recipe and sold it as a healthy and cheap option for cooking foods replacing heart healthy ghee, Butter and coconut oils.

They also Bribe American Heart Association (AHA) to put Crisco the first seed oil product into the heart-healthy category. Vigorously used different marketing tactics to increase the sale of seed oils.

And developed the wrong perception about saturated fats (Animal Fats) causing heart attacks. Where seed oils are a factory product , ghee, butter, and coconut oil are more natural and healthy options.

If you like this blog you’ll also like to read this book The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz, As the majority of information is taken from this book and her youtube videos.

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