3 Benefits Of Keto

3 Key Benefits Of Keto Diet You did not know

Keto has gained much more popularity in recent years because of its quick response in weight loss however, keto benefits don’t halt there and there are many other benefits of keto.

Keto being the most beneficial and scientifically backed up concept it is still highly misunderstood and alien for many. Because how can something that our past generations being eating can suddenly be wrong like rice, bread, and Fruits.

Keto diet is linked to countless studies of health benefits, Some people do a ketogenic diet or fasting without any intention of losing weight. Simply because they feel alert, focused, or have high energy levels.

This blog is way beyond explaining the weight loss mantra so stick with me I promise a lot of good information coming your way I’ll try to simplify the information as much as possible.

Topic to Discuss:
  1. Keto For Fat loss
  2. Keto For Better Brain Function
  3. High Energy Levels on ket

01. Keto For Fat Loss

When aiming for the fat loss one keeps an eye on how much calories he is consuming. Marrying to the numbers of counting calories. Eat fewer calories than you burn and you will lose weight.

This dogma of calorie is a calorie needs to be changed. Calories from donut or eggs is not the same. whatever you eat has a certain hormonal response in your body. The hormones will decide the food you ate will be converted to muscles or stored as fats.

Another big problem with counting calories is that it ignores leptin (Satiety hormone). Calories coming from carbs/ sugar will give you lesser satiety signals compare to that coming from Protein and fats and they are nutritionally dense, unlike sugar or carbs which are non-essential because the body can make its own glucose.

By going on the keto diet you will not waste time and willpower by restricting calories, burning yourself on a treadmill, or enduring hunger. we will simply restrict our carbs/sugar intake bump up our protein and fats intake and naturally you’ll eat less and burn more of an excess stored fat for energy.

This is simply done by altering the hormonal balance. By downregulating insulin the fat-storing hormone we will get into the state of ketosis.

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Insulin is secreted by the pancreas which has crucial roles to play one of which is moving glucose (sugar) out of your blood and into your cells. When Insulin levels are elevated it will turn excess calories coming from glucose into fat and hence you gain weight.

So the excess body fat is correlated with a high level of insulin and what causes insulin to spike high? Excess consumption of sugar and carbs.

Adapting to a keto lifestyle is a powerful way to reduce your insulin level along with fasting and weight training. These combinations let your body to use stored body fat for energy. During maintenance, though, it means you can usually increase your calorie levels somewhat without regaining weight. At that point, your body will burn dietary fat instead of body fat.

02. Keto For Better Brain Function

Some people including me purposely stay into ketosis by fasting or following keto diet to improve our functioning of the brain. We are not stupid we do it for a certain reason. For some going without food for better cognitive function might sound a radical idea. Considering we were thought the brain can solely run on glucose.

George cahill and his group in 1967 demonstrated that our brain can use ketone as preferred energy fuel for tissues and brains. With more than two-third of brain thriving on ketones and another part on glucose.

Adding to this some of our body parts still need glucose like red blood cells some part of the brain which are incapable to run on ketone bodies. However, this glucose requirement is met by the fact that the body can make its own glucose via (Gluconeogenisis – Process where the body makes its own glucose)

This is the reason why I or other people who fast for better cognitive function don’t feel drowsy or weak we can still maintain stable glucose levels through gluconeogenesis.

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It is clear that the human brain is perfectly happy with beta-hydroxybutyrate (ketone body) as not just the major fuel but essentially its sole fuel.

Dr. Stephen Phinney

It is claimed that new born’s brain thrives on average between 60-71% of his total body’s energy budget, Compare to that of only 25% of the body’s energy budget an adult brain uses.

Despite this massive requirement of energy, A new born’s blood glucose level is incredibly low at around 35mg per deciliter. This is half of the lower end of a normal adult’s blood glucose levels. By this, we can proclaim we were majorly driving our energy from ketone bodies as a newly born baby.

Dr.Muneta Tetsuo claimed that the fetus must be living in an environment of elevated ketones from the start of pregnancy. even a month after birth babies on average had blood ketones level 5 times higher than that of adult normal person.

03. Higher Energy on keto

Keto diet has proven to drastically enhance your physical endurance, by tapping into your fat stores for energy. The glucose energy starts to deplete after a couple of hours of an intense workout. By restricting the amount of exogenous glucose the body will start using trapped energy in fat cells.

By this time you must be worried about how can fat stored in my belly can be used for energy?! Let me explain you.

Your body is primarily using glucose (Carbohydrates/Sugar) for energy- As it is the case with most people today. Because you’re using glucose for energy body can’t tap into readily available energy in the form of fat. Hence you feel the need of fueling up yourself with pre, post, and during workout meals.

So by restricting exogenous glucose (Carbs/ Sugar) you allow your body to run on ketone bodies, Which is the preferred and long-lasting source of energy to our body. Studies have proven elevated ketone levels have proven to increase cognitive and physical performance. The best way to elevate your ketones levels is to restrict carbs and sugar and eat more fats.

So you actually become a powerhouse when you don’t consume so-called “Energy-dense nutrient” Carbohydrates. Whether you are going for a physical endurance feat, or just staying focused on reaching some other goal, your body has the fuel it needs to keep you going and going.

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If you are over 10% body fat you don’t need carbs

charles poliquin – Strength coach of 800+ olympics athletes

There are two big factors to enhance your endurance on keto diet:

1) An adequate amount of fluid and salt supply, Glucose retains unnecessary water and salt which is replenished when on low carbs diet, so you’ve to make sure you supply enough amount of salt and water to avoid weakness or dehydration.

2) The second one is not an overnight fix its takes some time for your body to transit from being a sugar burner to burning fat for energy. This may take weeks or even months depending on the individual. Low carbs high-fat diet done along with fasting and exercise will put you in fat-burning mode quickly.

A lot of elite athletes including Olympic sports athletes are now experimenting with low carbs high-fat diet and in some cases, it has helped them better their athletic performance. Including myself, this is me deadlifting 135kg 3×3 in 59kg bodyweight on the keto diet.

The body’s fat stores are huge which outworks the minuscule glycogen stores. This means once the athlete has allowed himself to burn fat instead of carbs for energy. He or she will be able to perform for long periods of time without needing to fuel every 2-3 hours. Be it a strength dominating athlete or endurance driven athlete.


To sum it up everyone should be on keto irrelevant whether you’re perfectly fitting in your jeans or wish to fit into your jeans. Keto will help you in losing fat and put you into a state of ketosis which is better and preferred energy source of energy for brain and body. It improves your cognitive function and enhances your athletic performance.

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